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Locks 4 Vans S Series Deadlocks fully fitted Locks 4 Vans S Series deadlocks GREATER MANCHESTER
fully fitted Locks 4 Vans S Series deadlocks.
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Locks 4 Vans bring you the finest products on the market with the S Series Deadlocks, the S Series Deadlocks are designed to give you maximum security even if your original locks are compromised as the door still will not open with the deadlock in the locked position. The lock also serves as a visual deterrent so with easier pickings along the road your van will be a lot safer.

So what's the difference between the S and the T series Deadlocks? The difference is the barrel and of course the key:-

S Series: The S Series key is more like your traditional Yale type key with the key cuts on the edge of the key, although it is a controlled blank and not one that is available over the counter in this country.

T Series: The T Series key is a security dimple type key with different depth holes drilled into the flat face of the key, this key is more resistant to picking and the key is stronger.

To Sum up, having either lock on your van will improve it's security, most van break in's are probably done in seconds rather than minutes by taking advantage of a manufacturers weak point. That weak point might be people punching screwdrivers in under door handles, by breaking off big plastic handles or by smashing glass, the point is that if a van thief knows that they can break into a particular model van in 30 seconds with out making any real noise then they know that they can do it to every one of those thousands of vans up and down the country, this makes it easy for them to pop it open just to look and see if there are any tools or anything of value in your van. Don't make it easy for them, instead make it harder with either the S or the T series deadlocks and they might as well carry on and pop open the one parked down the road from your van as harsh as that sounds for them.
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