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Toad Ai606 Interactive Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm GREATER MANCHESTER
Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm
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Full Thatcham category 1 status, you’ll find that it is recognised throughout the Insurance company world!

  • LED – The Ai606 has a very bright Red LED that shows the status of your alarm. It’s usually located on the dashboard. - This is a great visual deterrent as it shows your car or van is protected.
  • Remote Control Operated Central Locking – If your vehicle already has central locking, then the alarms remote control will be connected, therefore, locking and unlocking the doors when the alarm is armed or disarmed (subject to vehicle).
  • Its anti snatch anti grabbing – This is to stop professional car thief’s recording the transmitter signal.
  • Engine Immobilisation - It’s a micro computer connected into to two vital circuits and when activated, stops the engine from being started.
  • Auto-arming - the alarm will automatically arm after 30 seconds. So if you forget to arm the system, it will immobilise the engine for you.
  • Audible & Visual Arming and Disarming – When arming or disarming the alarm, the lights flash and the siren chirps. This gives you proof you have activated or deactivated the system.
  • Doors, Boot (cars only) and Bonnet Protection – All doors the boot and bonnet are connected to the alarm and when it’s armed, if they are opened or a forced entry is attempted, the siren will automatically trigger.
  • The Siren has its own battery for back up - If your car battery is unlawfully disconnected by someone lying under the car, the siren will automatically trigger.
  • Auto-lock – This feature of the Ai606 automatically locks the vehicle doors as soon as you start driving. It also automatically un-locks should the vehicle loose power - Protection against vehicle-jacking.
  • Auto Arming – You can programme the Ai606 to automatically arm the alarm - This means your car is never left unsecured.
  • Pin Code Over-Ride – Your alarm has its own unique pin code of 4 numbers. You can change them if you want to a favourite date or to match your bank pin code - In the event of an emergency, or a lost remote control you can completely de-activate the alarm and immobiliser - This means you won’t be stranded.
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