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Clifford Concept 650 MKII Thatcham Approved Alarm Category 1 GREATER MANCHESTER
Thatcham Approved Alarm Category 1
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Full Thatcham Category 1 approval



The Clifford Concept 650 has a very bright Neon Blue LED that shows the status of your alarm.  It’s usually located on the dashboard.

This is a great visual deterrent as it shows your vehicle is protected.

Keyless Entry

On vehicles fitted with central locking or total closure, the doors can be locked and un-locked and windows closed with the remote control.

Remote Control

It has a low battery warning tone, this gives you plenty of time to pop in a new battery.

It’s got a remote range of up to 100 feet, great for finding your car in a car park.

Its anti snatch anti grabbing

This is to stop professional thief’s recording the transmitter signal.

The Clifford recognizes it as a recording and ignores it.

Remote Siren Silencing

The alarm can be set silently without the confirmation chips.

Great when parking late at night.

Digital Dual Zone Proximity Sensor

This is for Interior and Exterior Protection. 

It’s a radar sensor and senses movement inside and outside the vehicle, that’s why its called dual zone.

When armed, any movement inside the vehicle will trigger the siren.

Great protection against loss of property through the window.

And outside it sets up an invisible bubble around it and can be easily adjusted by the driver or turned off if parked in a busy road.

If anyone gets too close it will trigger “warn away” beeps from the siren.

Doors Boot and Bonnet Protection

All doors the boot and bonnet are connected to the alarm and when it’s armed, if they are opened or a forced entry is attempted, the siren will automatically trigger.


This feature of the Clifford automatically locks the car as soon as you start driving. 

Auto Arming

You can programme the Clifford to automatically arm the alarm.

This means your vehicle is never left unsecured.

And instant by-pass with one turn of the key easily stops the auto arming, making it ideal when filling up. 

Pin Code Over-Ride

Your alarm has its own unique pin code of 4 numbers. You can change them if you want to a favorite date or to match your bank pin code.

In the event of an emergency, or a lost remote control you can completely de-activate the alarm and immobiliser.

Valet Mode

Valet mode is accessed via a console mounted button switch and enables you to disarm the alarm but not the immobiliser. This is de-activated by entering your pin code. When the engines turned off, it automatically arms the immobiliser again.

If the vehicles being serviced you don’t have to leave you remote.

Smart Auto-Testing

Every time you arm your Clifford, the system automatically checks its self. All trigger inputs, the boot and bonnet circuits, the door circuits and sensors are all tested.

In the unlikely event it finds an error, the siren will make a series of chirps and these identify it.

So you always know its working.

8 Event Recall

This amazing feature enables you to see why the alarm went off and what the last 8 actions were.

Black-Jax Anti Highjack Recovery

This is an exclusive feature and is a safe and reliable response to car-jacking which is fast becoming a very serious vehicle crime.

When set, using your unique pin code, its fully automatic.

You hand over your vehicle avoiding any danger, and Black-Jax allows the criminal to drive away, leaving you in safety.

As soon as the driver slows down for a turn or stop, the engine shuts down, the siren activates and the lights flash on and off.

Your vehicle is completely immobilised and when faced with this the thief has no option other than to leave the vehicle.

Please contact us to confirm compatibility and prices. 
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